Guitars Through Time and Space

Buildings & Holler House at Hymie's Vintage Records

2014-11-20 21.57.26.jpg

Had a really fun time at Hymie's last Thursday night (11/20). I bought Yes' Fragile and the new Blind Shake record, Breakfast of Failures which was a success on it's own. Building crushed it and Holler House played our guitars during their set, so that was all gravy.

It was our first real event as a little company, something we've been wanting to do for a long time: sponsor shows that are a little different. In this case, it's just two great bands in an awesome record shop. We gave away some Hymie's gift cards, some new MPLS shirts, some art prints, we had cake and beer and pizza. It was fun. Looking forward to the next one. Thanks to Hymie's owners Laura and Dave for hosting. Your store is one of the city's gems. Thanks to Buildings and Holler House for playing sweet jams. Thanks to all who came out. Good Times, Good Jams, Good Buds, Good Cake.